SEPP featuring Herbert Pixner

21. 02. 2019
SEPP featuring Herbert Pixner

There´s Music in it

At SEPP, life is celebrated. Together in the middle of it all. Of course, this also includes a cultivated sound. And because everyone at SEPP is a bit out of the ordinary anyway, exceptional artist Herbert Pixner fits in wonderfully with us - in the SEPP attic as well as via vinyl in the Roomy or Luxury rooms.

So the best of two worlds meets here. Because the SEPP connects. Old with new. Tradition with modernity. As in the music of Herbert Pixner. That is why the musician Herbert and the hotelier Sepp have a unique friendship.

Untamed Tones

The unique music project from South and East Tyrol by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Herbert Pixner (diatonic harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion), Manuel Randi (flamenco guitar, electric guitar, gipsy guitar), Heidi Pixner (harp) and Werner Unterlercher (double bass) is currently one of the most successful acts in the field of "progressive folk music".

Powerful Stage Presence

With their unconventional line-up, the four exceptional musicians build musical bridges between their remote home regions with playful-lascivious gentleness, powerful rock and blues riffs, brilliant technique and enormous joy in playing. Thus the "Herbert Pixner Project" inspires, even electrifies the audience with euphoria, energy, excitement and a lot of free improvisation.

Instrumental Music with a lot of Lightness

The fabulous interplay results in diverse sound carpets. There is room for gentle melancholy and also for outbursts that stop at nothing. Minimalist, rugged, epic and very sexy sounds.

"This is all alpine world music without cultural arbitrariness at peak musicality. It embodies a thirst for freedom and a romantic storm, wildness - and above all irrepressible fun," states the Abendzeitung München.

"Aggressive and tender, hard and elegiac, joyful and full of blues, dirty and crystal clear - all nuances, all timbres can be found in Pixner's music," writes the Mainpost.

"So much technical sophistication, so much dynamic density with constantly changing expressive variety, so much controlled, yet soulful musicality - something like this convinces the audience and makes any genre arrogance seem quite simply obsolete," the Augsburger Allgemeine is sure.

The music of Herbert Pixner is free, untamed, sometimes cool reserved, sometimes so passionately demanding that one almost forgets that live there are only four people on stage.

This is how music may sound in a world in which the boundaries cannot be clearly drawn. In which some things may not fit at first glance, but at second glance everything somehow belongs together. Together in the middle of it all. Like at SEPP.

Website Herbert Pixner

If you can't get enough of the extraordinary sounds of Herbert Pixner, just take the good old vinyl or a CD from the SEPP store with you and dream a bit more of the exSEPPtional sound of the vacation at home...

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